Coverage Information

It can be annoying if you run out half way through a job. Work out how much you need before you order

Measure roughly to the closets square area you have of the fabric or area you want to treat or cover, 1 litre of fire retardant fabric spray will cover approx 10sq meters.

Formula for measuring square area is Width x Height = Area Sq.

Example 4mtr width x 10mtr height = 40 mtr sq

For the example above you would require 4 litres of fire retardant spray.

Now we can work out what the purchase options are:

1 x 5 litre container which will cover 50sq mtrs however you can purchase 6 x 750ml = 4.5 litre

It would be more economical to purchase one 5 litre containers of fire retardant spray, this option will give extra liquid and the costing works out cheaper