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Fire Retardant Fabric Spray 2 x 5 litre container

2 x 5 Litre - Fire Retardant Fabric Spray (fabric fire proofing)

Fire Retardant Spray for fire prevention;

ideal for treating

  • Drapes,
  • Curtains
  • fabrics
  • interior décor fabrics
  • scatter cushions
  • Tents

Coverage: 2 x 5 Litre will cover 100sq. metres of fabric

(Coverage rule, 1 litre will cover approx. 10mtr sq. - 5 litres cover 50mtr sq.)

British Standards Approved,

Results from test shows  a pass to BS5852 : 2006, Ignition Source 5, Following the water soak procedure set out in Clauses 4.2 to 4.5 of BS5651 : 1978

Product Benefits

  • used to give non-durable flame retardant effects on cotton, regenerated cellulose and jute
  • imparts a soft handle
  • low hygroscopic property
  • not susceptible to crystallisation and therefore shows advantages over many non-durable FR
  • products for chalking, frosting and water marking
  • can be combined with most synthetic resins or binders, a preliminary check is advisable
  • causes little or no shade change
  • has good thermal stability, therefore drying is possible at higher temperatures
  • shows no corrosion
  • fulfils the requirements of DIN 4102, Group B1, and has been accepted by the Institute for
  • Bautechnik, Berlin, in test report Z-PA-III 1.55 for textiles made form cellulosic fibres for the building sector


  • FIRE RETARDANT SPRAY is fast to dry cleaning solvents containing no aqueous boosters.
  • Can reduce the flammability on synthetic fibres such as polyester and selected polyester cotton blends.

FIRE RETARDANT SPRAY: is diluted in cold water in all proportions and therefore can be added directly to the application bath, with stirring.

For most requirements on cellulosic, the following pad application is recommended:

FR Treatment



1 litre = 10mtrs sq on fabrics, even light spray

Drying should be carried out normally between 110ºC and 140ºC to give a dry loading 8-15% on the fabric.

Combined FR with water and oil repellence


 20 - 50 g/l Quecophob BSN

100g/l 80 - 50 g/l Contraqua BF

Drying temperature 140-150ºC.

The information contained here is intended to be of assistance to users but is without guarantee. Variations can occur in application and users are advised to conduct their own tests. Suggestions for use neither give nor imply any freedom from patent infringement.

Available in four convenient sizes:

  1. 50 ml tester bottle - try before you buy bigger size
  2. 750 ml bottle with spray applicator
  3. 5 Litre container, can be used to refill the 750 ml spray bottle, or can be applied with a garden sprayer
  4. 25 Litre drum. perfect cost effective solution for extra large areas,

Note: Each litre covers an area of approximately 10 square meters, you can efficiently treat a variety of surfaces. Whether it's natural or synthetic materials, the product is a water-based solution which will effectively penetrate and protect any absorbent fabric or material.

Rest assured, this product meets the standards set by BS5852 :: 1990 and BS5867 :: part 2:1980, ensuring its quality and reliability. Additionally, it boasts a non-toxic formula that is both odorless and colorless, making it safe for use in any environment.

Proudly manufactured in the UK

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